Immer dasselbe

Was ich schon kenne:

Jetzt also DragonDreaming.

Was mich freut, was meiner Weltsicht Koheränz verleiht: Am Anfang des Booklets über die Methode geht es ganz viel um Kommunikation.

Es gibt Zuhören:

Pinakarri is the Aboriginal word for Deeper Listening. We have mostly lost the skill of empathically listening to each other and have developed a way of mainly listening to a little voice in the head which keeps making win-lose judgments.

Die Stille wird gewertschätzt:

In silence we can listen to what is going on inside us and see whether this or that point is still important to us – or whether we have lost touch with the original dream, our
wishes and needs in order to be right or not to lose face.

Über die Art der Kommunikation heißt es:

Charismatic Communication is the attempt to say what really wants to be said from deep inside. It works similar to automatic writing. All we have to do is to turn off the little voice in our head. This often takes a lot more courage than wethink. Charismatic Communication is based on trust – the trust that we can share our feelings and dreams without being laughed at. Our everyday communication acts like a shield: We hide behind facts and judgments. And yet if we really open up we can give people a chance to truly see us and our projects. We are used to communicating our ideas in a way that is influenced by the little voice in our head wondering »What do I want to say? What is of importance to me?« Often we are unaware of our words transmitting a subtle win-lose game of admiration or contempt for other persons, or even dominance or repression. We are preoccupied with interpreting what others are saying, and what the »true meaning« of their words might be…
Für mich jedenfalls passt das alles zusammen. Dialog, CB & DragonDreaming. Drei ähnliche Methoden an unterschiedlichen Ecken entwickelt.

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